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Health coaching edinburgh

Session Fees

Depending on your needs you can book just 1 session or a block of sessions.

I charge £50 per hour and here’s how it breaks down:

Session 1 - Getting to know you, setting goals and creating the health plan. (2hrs - £100)

Sessions 2 & 3 – Follow up on your achievements, reset goals, and modify the plan. (1hr - £50)

Sessions 4 & 5 – Continue with follow-up review and renew your goals. (1hr - £50)

Health and wellbeing coach edinburgh


3 sessions - £200

5 sessions - £250 (6 hours for the price of 5)


Each session will be followed up with an email to find out how you are getting on. I’ll also provide recipe ideas, tips and other information to support your plan. The time between sessions will vary according to your needs.

Concessions are available - please just ask and I will do my                     best to accommodate your needs.

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